Every “Body” is Different

Photo Credit: Modern Dope - [the flag]

Photo Credit: Modern Dope – [the flag]

I love my body because it metabolizes the food I eat and gives me energy to get through the day doing the things I enjoy.  I am able to exercise as I please and function in wonderful condition day in and day out.

Now, this is not to say I haven’t experienced being sick or haven’t picked up any insecurities throughout the years.  I’ve just learned how to manage them better.  For the most part, this is also known as ignoring the insecurities.  Of course I could tell you that I wish I had better calves, bigger boobs, or a more voluptuous figure in general, but it’s exhausting for me to point this out and even more exhausting for those being forced to listen.  I don’t care how big or small my body is compared to the next.  I’m interested to see where that person’s heart and mind is.  Time may have helped me get here, but it’s nice to be in this beautiful mindset.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m attentive to acquiring eagerness in exercise to keep my body healthy, and feeling confident is always a plus and extremely necessary, but I will not compare me to anyone.

I am built differently than you are.  We all are.

I may not fill in my bikini top completely, but that’s not to say the sun won’t fill me up with as much bliss as it does others.  The sun shines on each of us equally.  So, let’s not pick on our bodies.  We each get one, and it’s the only one we’ll experience life through.  How cool is that?

Instead, let’s listen to our bodies because every ache and pain has a story to tell, and has the potential to uncover the story behind it.  My body tells me when I need more sleep, less stress, and better food as fuel.  I feel these signs in my joints, my movements, my coordination, any aches, and my thinking whether it’s sharp or foggy.

One way to be healthy is to know what healthy means.  Take care of yourself so that your body will reciprocate that love back to you.

Nonetheless, saying these great things does not mean anything until action is applied.  And it’s that time of the year again where people are conscious and critical of their body image as they anticipate and eagerly await to strip down on the beach, on vacation, or wherever, in the hot weather.  Try to pick out these conversations and spin it towards positive light.

Recently, I was in a group text message discussing an upcoming weekend getaway where everyone was excited about the approaching events.  However, when the attention focused in on bikinis the conversation skewed a different direction.  Ladies starting dropping not so nice feelings about their bodies.  Collectively, we had to bring each other back up again.  Realistically, there was nothing to complain about.  These are bodies that run races, go hiking, and walk thousands of steps in the double digits each and every day (thanks to the Fitbit for keeping track).  These are bodies that do so much and are beautiful because they are healthy.  A healthy body is the most beautiful body there is.  Clothes, dresses, bikinis, and the size on a label will only enhance a beautiful, healthy body.

So ladies, and gentlemen for that matter, next time you have the urge to say something negative about your body, bite your tongue and think of all the incredible things it does all day every day even when it’s not being praised for doing so.